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This movie paints the typical Christian view of atheists as lost souls looking for something greater in their lives. The leading atheist, Mark Gavin, experienced some kind of “event” that has made him question his belief in truth and reason. The other atheists in the movie are all shown to have some kind of defect (ie. alcoholic, neglectful baby sitter, dick boyfriend, etc).

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It is just so typical of religious people to cast atheists in this light while most atheists would not act like this at all. At least not anymore than everyone else in the world (both religious and non-religious people can make poor decisions). Atheists tend to be more reasonable than most. For example, during the scene when Mark Gavin proclaims his belief in God, a real atheist would not boo him, they would be fascinated to hear his reason why he had a change of heart!

To be fair, I’ve seen atheists portrayed much worse in other films but this is still an incorrect way to represent how atheists act and feel about their non-belief in a God.


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